There must be some place
where mere happenstance allows
for the crossing of paths,
the dance of two beating hearts.
In another life,
we will kiss like a promise
no one dares break.
In another universe,
we will know how to touch
without burning.
Somewhere, we are happening.
Take me there.

take me someplace with us in it, inklustt (via inklustt)

(via inklustt)

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Dear Lost Soul

Dear lost soul,
Let your light shine
so bright that the memories
reflect off of lips with reassurance and
and acceptance, Burn so strong that
the warmth grasps our hearts
Coercing the heaviness to
lift above and reside in the
branches that dance over our
grievance as we smile through the
heartache and laugh through the
remembrance that quakes through
the ground we tread so lightly
Let your spirit reside in the very
earth that we breathe and may your
memory fill our lungs as we
exhale our goodbyes in celebration
of a life so cherished

Pins & Needles

Entering the last
days of summer
with a pale body and
rogue wave realizations, I
grip blind spots
like hop scotch
with too much runway
and not enough heart
—I give the finger to
a rusty mini van and
foolishly let the frustration
carry me to work, Swearing
that these city pavements
have got to have something
that’s better than this, —I
have an itch, but my lungs pinch
like jellyfish tendrils
a sting for each wrong
answer —I watch
as they shorten months
packing them into coolers and
SUVS, letting the season
define their actions and I
can’t help but to ponder Fall-
ing into the fires of another
crispy autumn

Old Flame

Cicada whispers
through the twilight of
these darkened alibis
bending ferns
over careless calves
and woodpile memoirs
Emerald bandages
Forgotten fuel
Finger traced outlines
in corkscrew qualms
Wielding ignition with
shared limbs, Serenaded
between the kindling
of hide and seek and
the fires we desperately
wish to re-greet
White noise, tossed
like flattened stone
skimming the mid year
with condolences and
aggravated ripples
Drowning those whispers
with crooked doses
of appeasement


Bind, intertwine
lawns that
spread between
the boundaries of
our growing distrust
Cutting wrists
of sulking indifference
and once
guilty consciences
hang, white knuckled
upon the clotheslines
of our intuition, the
exhausted sounds
will fray heart strings
into chords, Congesting
the sputtering, muttering
winds, Voiced through
picket fences we took
for granted, Yes
when the guilty
hang like flags
aside the pupils of
our tribulations, the
lids will sag beneath
the weight of
dirty laundry and
unraveled lies


She’d become preoccupied
with the way
time lines fell short, Weaving
in and out nights where she
flitted her wings down to
ragged points, And
in the days she felt like leaving
she fell
She fell weightlessly
into the thicket well beyond words
The earth, warm
Gentle against beating chests
The sunlight
swaying, grazing
outlines between
exhausted plights, And
in the moments she felt like flying
she stood
She stood graciously
against doubt, Grounded
with broken wings and open arms


Chills burrow in tongues
and crisscrossed arms
Freight trains inside
crimson currents, I’ve wept
photos into bloodstreams
Graffiti sidelines, Quakes
at each passing scene
Skin raised to mole hills
Prickly sponges
Expanding, Rich
Grimy evidence, Sheltered
between the undertow
of my salient mirages
and cloudy dishwater, I’m
shaking images until
they dry and crumble, tumble
down these pipe dreams

The courthouse backdrop
stands behind these dusty
office blinds, two sidewalks
and a modest street, My gaze
often catching the midday traffic,
sirens, occasional protestors
followed by car horns
and raised voices, The lawn
pruned into a brochure photo
But today, today I see relief
floating from un-caged hearts
Smiles that conquer judgments
and weaknesses, drowning out
those close-minded comments
I see hope in the air and acceptance
in the strength to overcome doubt
Today, my eyes shine with the view
and feel for the progression at hand
Love is love

A Stone’s Throw

You’re jumping rope
with hollow shackles
and broken paddles
—Snapdragon veins
Squeezing iodine into
turquoise hurricanes
Creating eclipses
A song and dance
An alibi to wrap
the ears and fix it
Throwing stones away
from coastline embers
Batting the ashes
Swallowing endeavors
You talk into sleeves and
twist words into cuffs
Peel skin from time release
and then divvy the cuts
Shake footholds
into tide pools
Lap hope with blades
Smooth the edges
and bleed away
with the pacific waves

Legend Valley

Camped along the tree lines
of natures veins, we sang

We sang until the night tapped her
soles aloft moon-swept
lids, Guitars under
smitten fingertips and
harmonicas over singing lips, We

We danced along the outskirts
of altered minds
until the sun raised her
wings aside our barren
feet, Earth between toes
and notes between humming
crescendos, We

We drank the morning through
blades of grass and
let the birds carry our song
up and over the valley

The drumming
bid farewell
through smiling temples and
quenched hearts

Second Wind

Build a home
with these excuses
Iron out the hours
unaccounted for
Watch the steam
curl ribbons
around your fingers
until the circulation
turns blacker than
burnt promises
Replace them with
steel thimbles as
you sew welcome mats
over wrinkles and sheets
over grandfather’s clock
Yawn so deep
you find a voice
between the
charring embers of
ignorance and awakening